FIFA – Scandal in Limericks

A dodgy old geezer named Blatter Thought that football’s best interests don’t matter “If you bung me a note I’ll deliver the vote That will take the World Cup off to Qatar”. FIFA has a rep called Chuck Blazer Who’s known to be quite the hell raiser “A million dollar fee For me and mini […]

Daily Rant – Knockout Preview

Quarter Finals Preview Brazil v Colombia: This will be the first meeting between these sides in the World Cup. Normally logic would dictate that the best team in World Cup history, at home, against a team that has never before made it to the quarter final, would win and with something in hand. But Brazil […]

Daily Rant – Group Stage Post Mortem

So, that was the group stage, and for the most part it was pretty good. Let's have a run down of the 8 groups and see what we learned from what happened. Group A: I said Brazil would have a 100% record and Mexico would get past Croatia for second place. Ok, so Brazil only […]

2014 Team of the Tournament

So, the World Cup is over, and we all have our views on who should be in the team of the tournament. Here are my choices and honourable mentions. GK: This is a very competitive position with several stand out performances. Mexico's Ochoa led the way in the group stages with those amazing saves to […]

2014 Goalscoring

So, the World Cup final is over and the goal-fest of the group stage did indeed peter out There were 171 goals in 64 games, at 2.67 per game, below of the Nirvana of 3.00 goals per game, last exceeded in 1958, needing a further 21 goals overall to hit the magic number! But how did the clubs do? 34 clubs scored more than 1 goal, […]

The Daily Rant

Wish for the World Cup: this tournament will see an average of >3 goals per game for the first time since 1958. The World Cup Final Before the World Cup kicked off, the brain's trust at the Daily Rant had a conflab and decided to invest a modest amount of money with Uncle Betfair in […]