Winning Goalkeepers

The data for the World Cup winning goalkeepers covers their entire World Cup career rather than just the tournaments in which they were World Cup winners. The ranking is based on the the numbers of goals conceded per 90 minutes played, with Gordon Banks topping the list with 0.43 goals conceded per 90 minutes.

Goalkeepers from the early World Cup, when goals per game were higher have naturally fared less well, despite several of them playing in teams with a 100% record. Turek is one such case, even though he was rested for the infamous 8-3 group defeat to Hungary. Had he played in that, his stats would have looked really ugly!

Surprises for me are that Dino Zoff and Sepp Maier come out relatively far down the list. Maier's numbers were somwhhat spoiled by the 1970 knockout where West Germany prevailed 3-2 against England before losing 4-3 to Italy in the semi-final. And perhaps Italy were not quite as good defensively as their reputation would suggest from 1974 to 1982 when Zoff captained the team on 14 occasions.

1Gordon Banks98403196640.4378%67%
2Fabien Barthez1716133199880.4565%47%
3Gianpiero Combi55101193430.5380%80%
5Gianluigi Buffon1211224200680.6458%42%
6Iker Casillas15144032010110.6980%60%
7Nery Pumpido97313198660.7478%67%
8Enrique Ballestrero43601193030.75100%100%
11Ubaldo Fillol13120031978120.9054%23%
12Dino Zoff17153041982160.9453%35%
13Bodo Illgner12111021990120.9775%67%
14Sepp Maier18168041974191.0261%44%
15Aldo Olivieri43901193851.15100%100%
17Toni Turek54501195461.20100%100%
18Roque Maspoli875021950121.4475%50%

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