FIFA – Scandal in Limericks

A dodgy old geezer named Blatter
Thought that football’s best interests don’t matter
“If you bung me a note
I’ll deliver the vote
That will take the World Cup off to Qatar”.

FIFA has a rep called Chuck Blazer
Who’s known to be quite the hell raiser
“A million dollar fee
For me and mini me
Or I’ll destroy Jules Rimet with my laser!”

“Whatever I do doesn’t matter
My bank account keeps getting fatter.
Football’s the game
With huge global fame
And FIFA is ‘fee for’ Sepp Blatter”

If you follow the internet chatter
You’ll know FIFA’s plate’s now a platter
To call this a bung
Is just a slip of the tongue
No matter that Blatter’s grown fatter

It seemed like an advert for Heinz
When Jack Warner delivered his lines
“I will soon spill the beans
If you know what that means”
But the truth is it’s “beans means fines”