Dream Team – English Rockers

GKRoger WatersPink Floyd Academicals
RBNoddy HolderDynamo Slade
CBMorrisseySporting Smiths
CBStingPartizan Police
LBPaul WellerReal Jam
MFEric ClaptonDukla Derek & The Dominoes
MFJohnny RottenSex Pistols City
MFSid ViciousSex Pistols City
MFBilly BraggFree Agent
STMick JaggerRacing Rolling Stones
STRoger DaltreyFC Who

This is now getting slightly into the sublime; a dream team of English rockers.

Undoubtedly England benefit from the best two front men in the business in Jagger and Daltrey. You’ve also got great strength on the left with Weller and Bragg (Bragg being one of the few remaining out and out left wingers); and just imagine what would have happened to Maradona in 1986 if he’d had to go past Rotten and Vicious to score that goal – I reckon he might have lost a leg! It would be worse than playing Vinny Jones and Lee Cattermole in the same team. In the interest of cultured playmaking we have Clapton to complete the midfield.

And rounding out the back four there is the doggedness of Noddy Holder at right back and coolness personified in the centre from Morrissey and Sting; there is nothing to psyche out opponents more than players with only one name. That just leaves a goalkeeper and surely Roger Waters is the safest pair of hands in the rock world.

I cannot imagine another country having a Rock XI to hold a candle to this lot, although getting through FIFA’s drug testing might be more of a challenge than defeating opponents.


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