World Cup in Numbers

30 % of Argentina's knockout games that have gone to extra time
29 Number of Spain wins in 56 World Cup matches
28 The most sendings off in any tournament was 28 in 1986
27 The 1954 Hungary side scored 27 goals in 4 matches; it's just a shame they lost the final
26 Mexico's 26 defeats are the most of any country in World Cup history
25 Lothar Matthaus World Cup appearances, spread over 5 tournaments
24 Number of teams in the World Cup after the 1982 tournament expansion
23 Paolo Maldini played every minute of 23 consecutive Italy matches over 4 World Cups, including 5 extra time games
22 Number of matches won by the Netherlands in World Cups
21 Maradona was 21 in his first World Cup; Spain 1982
20 Number of match defeats for Germany and West Germany combined
19 There have been 19 World Cups prior to Brazil 2014
18 % of Brazil's knockout games that have gone to extra time
17 Pele was 17 when he played in Sweden 1958, becoming the youngest World Cup goalscorer
16 Maradona played a record 16 World Cup matches as captain
15 Brazil's Ronaldo scored 15 World Cup goals between 1998 and 2006, an individual scoring record
14 Number of World Cup matches played by Pele; and John Cruyff's shirt number
13 Just Fontaine scored 13 goals in the 1958 World Cup, still a record for one tournament
12 There are 12 players who have scored at least 10 World Cup goals; name them!
11 Uruguay were unbeaten in their first 11 World Cup matches, with 10 wins, 1 draw
10 Hungary beat El Salvador 10-1 in 1982; this remains the highest score by any team in a World Cup match
9 Howard Webb refereed the 2010 World Cup final and showed 9 yellow cards to 8 Dutchmen
8 Scotland have qualified for 8 World Cup tournaments without progressing past the first round, a record
7 There were 7 Barcelona players in the starting line up for Spain in the 2010 World Cup final; a record for one club
6 Red cards have been shown to 6 Frenchmen in the past 4 World Cups, including Zidane twice
5 Brazil have won 5 World Cups in 4 different continents; a record in number and diversity
4 The number of World Cup winning captains from the Juventus club
3 West Germany has won the World Cup 3 times, but a united Germany has never won it, nor Germany and Austria combined
2 Vittorio Pozzo is the only coach to have won the World Cup twice, with Italy in 1934 and 1938
1 Brazil have played the Germans only once in World Cup history, the 2002 final
0 The number of times a country with a foreign coach has won the World Cup


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